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In the evolving financing landscape of Bangladesh, traditional practices and conventional bank loans may not be enough to keep a business competitive. Riverstone uses its extensive experience and network to offer clients a broad range of solutions that best meet the client’s business needs and reduces execution risk.


Riverstone helps clients access private and public markets for debt and equity financing solutions. We work as an arranger and financial advisor to financial institutions, local corporates and public sector enterprises, helping them raise domestic and cross-border financing.

Our debt solutions span the entire range of solutions possible within local regulations, from arranging locally syndicated long-term loans & bonds and short-term trade financing to export credit (ECA) / multilateral (MLA) agency backed project financing, securitization and dollar denominated loans. We also provide structures debt solutions ranging from leveraged loans, private mezzanine debt to high-yield debt.

We help clients access the public equity markets through IPO’s, follow-on’s, where we act as underwriter and issue manager. Through our network with local & foreign institutions, corporates and high net worth individuals, we are able to offer access to tailored private equity solutions.

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